Black Friday 2020: Adapt your advertising strategy in times of pandemic

Black Friday 2020: Adapt your advertising strategy in times of pandemic

Black Friday 2020 is another of the special events that this year will be different than usual. And it is that, with the times of pandemic that are currently being lived, it will be difficult for some companies to adapt their strategies to achieve good results in this campaign.

However, the opportunity that arises is enormous. Especially given the increase in users who have decided to buy in digital environments.

Covid-19 changed the lives of many people. Things are not as they were before. All routines have been affected in a radical way. But this is not only negative since many companies have known how to adapt to this new reality and the new normal that is being lived.

Innovate to reach your users

It is clear that the future is uncertain, but there are many things you can do today to get ahead and act in the best way. The nature that has provided this crisis has forced many entrepreneurs to expand their businesses in a very different way and to look beyond what they can consider.

For marketers this is the best time to put into practice those new strategies that you are always trying to execute. That is why Black Friday 2020 is one of the appropriate dates for your company to once again be in the top of mind of users and you can connect with your audience.

When this crisis is overcome, the innovative approaches that you will implement will give you many results, as they have great potential that will bring you closer to your community and your customers.

How to adapt your Black Friday 2020 advertising strategy to the new normal

To begin with, the first step you should do if you have a company is to carry out a deep reflection in which you ask yourself what your company is for. You also have to think about what helps you earn money and what other function it has.

In times of pandemic, those companies that only aimed to make money have not finished doing well. Clients always disappear when there are difficult times. That is why if you do not have a speech that can attract your customers, you can end up being completely alone.

Second, you have to ask yourself if the sales channels you use are enough. The relationship you have with your clients may not be the most appropriate. For this reason, it is necessary that you have defined a speech, as well as new channels in which you implement your strategies.

There are many businesses from different sectors that have suffered a lot from this crisis, but have still managed to face it in a positive way. Within these companies they are not as affected as in others. And the difference is that they had a speech, while others had nothing to tell.

Therefore, to adapt your advertising strategy for Black Friday 2020 in times of pandemic, it is necessary that you put everything you have at your disposal and create a speech that can attract those potential clients again.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday takes place the day after Thanksgiving in the United States. It marks the beginning of what will be the holiday season and consumer shopping. But it is a date that has spread globally.

This means that all businesses, shops and stores promote their services and products by lowering prices, using this technique to attract potential customers.

This started out as a one-day event, but in recent years has evolved into a four-day product buying event as it ends with Cyber ​​Monday.

In general, prices are reduced during the days that this holiday lasts. Merchants are in charge of choosing the type of offer and discount that they will offer to their buyers. For example, a beauty supply store may have a 50% discount on all its merchandise for the duration of Black Friday.

There is no rule you must follow for these four days. Entrepreneurs have total freedom to establish what their offers will be freely, with the main objective of achieving greater sales.

6 marketing ideas to boost your sales on Black Friday 2020

So that you can adapt your advertising strategy in times of pandemic, and Black Friday 2020 is a total success for your business, follow these ideas. If you put them in place properly they will help you increase sales:

1.- Create fleeting or hourly offers

For those stores that have high web traffic, having fleeting offers will make users or potential customers visit the ecommerce constantly, investigating everything in the catalog without losing the surprise factor.

For example, if you normally have discounts of up to 30% on some products in your catalog, you could create a fleeting offer that consists of 50% for those products that already have sales.

When you promote these offers, you need to create posts on your social networks so that you can promote all the discounts your business has. The main channels where you should be are Facebook and Instagram.

2.- Make a gift with free shipping with each purchase made

Offering a free gift with each purchase that is made will be something very attractive that you can implement during Black Friday 2020.

You can create banners in a specific way in which you mention what are those gifts that you will be giving. And include them on your website and in your networks in a clearly visible way. In addition, you can set minimums, that is, with each purchase of € 50 you get a free gift.

If your business sells women’s fashion, you can give away some earrings or bracelets. Or if your niche is focused on men’s fashion, a good idea is to give away cufflinks. But if, on the contrary, you sell beauty products, it is best to give a sponge or makeup brush.

You can also offer shipping that is free, either on some or all products. This is a great idea for you to adapt your advertising strategy!

3.- Take advantage of the potential of hashtags

Take advantage of all the hashtags that are related to Black Friday 2020 on your social networks, as well as other common hashtags that you usually use. Some of the hashtags you can include are: #BlackFriday, # BlackFriday2020, # CyberMonday2020, or #Sales. This will allow you to reach those customers who are looking for offers for those days.

This type of hashtags will work perfectly for those businesses that are related to fashion, electronics or decoration items, among others.

4.- Increase the use of online advertising during those days

One recommendation is that you increase your advertising investment, starting to plan advertising campaigns on Facebook.

This must be done at least one month in advance. Thanks to this, you will have enough time to optimize your campaign and make it perform well. In turn, you can apply the changes that are necessary and modify the things that are not working correctly.

Creating advertising campaigns on Facebook in which you mention all the discounts and offers that you have for those dates will make you find some users who want to buy your services or products. And at the same time, you can capture the attention of more potential customers.

In addition to promoting your products separately, a good idea is to create traffic campaigns on Facebook Ads. In this way, you will lead all your potential customers to those products that will have the Black Friday 2020 promotions.

You can also impact other people who have already visited your store with your ads, using remarketing campaigns on Facebook.

5.- Update your website to attract more visitors

During these days avoid taking your followers to your home page. If you lead them to a page where the service or product you are promoting is, you will generate many more sales.

A good idea is also that you promote these offers through advertisements, so that they go directly to the promotion.

6.- Create a content calendar

As this event approaches, it is important that you strengthen your digital marketing strategies. The first step for this is that you create a content calendar with everything you want to share, as well as the date you want to share it.

You have to plan, a month in advance, all the publications that you will make and the content that you will promote during all these days. Thus, your clients will be able to be aware of what offers are the ones you put on the market.

The online traffic generated on these dates is quite high, and the competition much more. That is why you must make sure that your business is prepared for Black Friday 2020, planning in advance all the actions that you will carry out during these days.

If you have questions about how to adapt your advertising strategy in times of pandemic for this event, at Antevenio we can help you create effective Digital Marketing campaigns in a much more creative and economical way.


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