How to collect data to improve your marketing?

How to collect data to improve your marketing?

Do you have a company that needs to increase its potential? So you need to collect data to improve your marketing. It is about capturing the information of your leads to expand the list of contacts. Which, in turn, will benefit you both in terms of brand recognition and a more than likely increase in sales.

Users often distrust or doubt when supplying their personal data. For this reason, you have to have a simple and clear strategy to collect them. Look for a method that is able to gain the trust of those people who are wondering if it is a good idea to do so.

It is true that the goal is to compile data to improve your marketing, but this will also boost your brand. So from the start you have to make a good impression on those potential customers. Use all the tools that are at your fingertips to obtain all the information you need.

What do you get from data collection?

Of course, the first thing you get if you do it correctly is the lead information. But beyond simple data to improve your marketing, your business will gain several benefits. These are some of these positive aspects for your business development: It gives you new business opportunities, since you can make a more detailed segmentation. And this is thanks to the access and supply of information that users trust you. Increase ROI in advertising campaigns, especially since you can segment your audience and personalize the offer. You can reduce the costs of traditional marketing campaigns. This is due to the use of tools such as email marketing, in addition to other digital and automated actions. You have the possibility to create remarketing campaigns with discount coupons and promotions more effectively. You get leads that are probably more easily converted into customers, unlike those that are not registered in your database. It gives you the ability to follow up with customers, users and suppliers for a longer time. You optimize the campaigns as well as the way they are carried out, thanks to the data you obtain in this collection. Data capture strategies to improve your marketing You already know the main advantages that data can bring you to improve your marketing. However, it is time to focus on what is most important, that is, on the techniques you need to apply to achieve it. These are some tips to keep in mind:

1.- Create forms

This is one of the most used strategies for collecting personal data from users. And it is not for less, since the registration or subscription forms are very effective. But it is essential that you present an attractive offer so that they are encouraged to leave their information. These are just a few examples to inspire you:

• Website: take advantage of this space to place a form at the end of your posts. You can invite the user to subscribe to your newsletter or offer a free download of an e-book or guide related to the subject. All that in exchange for your information.

• Landing page: although its objective is to convert, it is also ideal to obtain personal data from the visitor. Whoever reaches it is because they have been interested in a product / service that they have seen in an advertisement. You can place a form that invites you to register in exchange for a discount on your first purchase.

• Pop-ups: they are ideal to attract the attention of the user who visits the page. Using as resources the sudden appearance of a pop-up window, the movement or change of colors. Remember that you must adjust it so that it does not appear again to the one who has already registered. And give him the option that he can close it if he does not want to see it at a certain time.

• Hello Bar: it is the horizontal bar that is placed at the top of your site. It should not have a lot of content but a CTA that directs traffic to an established place. You can take the opportunity to include your form.

• Sidebars: it is about adding a form in the sidebar of your website. Best of all, it will always be in view of the user but without interrupting their browsing, this gives them a better experience.

2.- Apply a Content Marketing strategy

Collecting data to improve your marketing is related to the Lead Generation process. For this reason, it is important that you have a good Content Marketing strategy. If there is something that manages to attract visitors, it is valuable content, and this must be present on your website.

It is your opportunity to offer your content in different formats such as infographics, specialized studies or a good e-book. All this in exchange for your personal information so that you can enjoy more benefits. Once you catch it, it will already be a member of your database.

3.- Use Facebook Tab

Have you heard of Facebook Tab? It is a landing page that appears in the form of a box within your Fan Page. You can even relocate, edit and delete it whenever you want. Its purpose is to attract new fans, subscribers to your newsletter and visitors to your site.

This type of landing page has the ability to focus the user’s attention on a certain action that you want them to perform. It doesn’t matter if your goal is to get their data through an e-book download or a registry. Through this strategy you can achieve it effectively.

4.- Offer online courses or tutorials

Another very effective way to compile user data is through online training. If you specialize in a sector or subject, you can offer your knowledge to all those who are interested. You can do it through courses or tutorials that enjoy the audiovisual format.

Webinars are also a great way to nurture interested people. But the only condition for them to participate must be that they provide at least their name and email. With this it will be enough to have that first approach.

5.- Take surveys

There is no doubt that this technique is widely used by companies. Although normally the surveys are applied to know the opinion of the people who are already part of the list of clients or subscribers. However, if someone has been interested in your business, they will probably answer the test to get more information.

As in the previous strategies, in this one you must also request only the basic data. Remember that this is your main objective, the others you will develop once you have a good list of contacts.

6.- Use Google Ads

If you have the possibility of investing, do it in advertising campaigns in Ads. They will help you position your site, applying techniques such as the use of keywords relevant to your business. But best of all, they allow you to direct traffic from your ads to the landing pages where the action will take place.

Keep in mind that for each ad you must have a landing page that is intended for that specific thing that you offer. And, as you already know, they are ideal for placing forms. You have the opportunity to make an attractive offer, such as a special discount to the first 20 who sign up or a special promotion.

7.- Take advantage of the events

You currently have many digital marketing strategies but do not discount or underestimate offline actions. You can take advantage of and attend events that are related to the sector in which you work. These activities are ideal for capturing data from people who may really be interested. Take advantage of and interact with the attendees and, probably, you can get their information. You will be sharing with people who are within your same market niche, so it is your best opportunity. You have to become the sponsor of your own business. Fairs or exhibitions are another good alternative. You can rent a stand and present your business. This not only benefits your brand recognition, but also allows you to attract potential customers. Using the same strategy: ask for your contact to send you valuable content.

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