¿Where do the Valle del Caucans travel?

¿Where do the Valle del Caucans travel?

The tourism sector in Valle del Cauca has been booming in the last 3 years

But this boom is not only due to the arrival of international tourism, but also to how the internal dynamics of tourists from Valle del Cauca have allowed the business sector of travel and tourism agencies and operators to develop, generating more than 28,240 international plans sold, 56,800 national plans sold and 5,586 plans sold for regional domestic tourism so far this year. According to the Regional Tourist Information System SITUR of Valle del Cauca, 9% of Valle del Caucans made a type of trip in 2018, of which 67% were made outside the region, while the remaining 24% were made within the Cauca’s Valley.

The national destinations preferred by Valle del Cauca residents are Popayán, followed by Bogotá, the coffee region and Medellín. 60% of the trips made by Valle del Cauca residents are for vacation reasons, 30% are for visits to family or friends and 6% are for professional reasons. City tours, shopping, and festivities are the preferred activities for Valle del Cauca residents on their travels. 40% of Valle del Cauca travelers travel through the national territory in their own vehicle, 22% in land transport and 16% by air transport. In general terms, each Valle del Caucano when leaving the region, spends an average of $ 917,308 pesos each per trip.

According to Colombian migration, there was a 7% growth in the number of Valle del Cauca travelers who have left the country for a total of 243,372 travelers between January and September 2018, of which 144,549 (59%) did so for tourism. The months where Valle de Caucanos travel the most out of the country for tourism purposes were June and July with an average of 20,000 travelers, while the months with the least travel were January and February with 11,123 and 12,883 travelers respectively. The main international destinations for Valle del Cauca residents for tourism reasons were the United States with 45,891 trips followed by Spain with 34,886 trips, Panama with 23,419 trips and Mexico with 10,384 trips.

“Tourism is important because it seeks to attract foreign exchange from other destinations to our region, for this it is important to strengthen receptive tourism, but while this is happening, it is necessary to encourage domestic tourism, to maintain foreign exchange within the region. Only 23% of Valle del Cauca residents make some type of travel within Valle del Cauca, which implies that there is a whole panorama of opportunities for economic growth if we aim to buy regional tourist attractions and maintain a market for tourism within the region. more than $ 49 million dollars. ” Harold Humberto Rivas Cano affirmed General Director of the Regional Tourist Information System SITUR Valle del Cauca.

Por: Situr Valle del Cauca

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